Tri-City Gators Football

Our Purpose

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The purpose of the Tri City Gators football program is to teach the fundamentals of tackle football, to inspire youth to be winners in life and to pursue excellence in their accomplishments.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote and develop the physical courage of young athletes by developing the qualities of discipline, toughness, sportsman chivalry and competitive zeal that will enhance the character traits and interpersonal skills needed to lead successful lives in America.

We will fulfill this mission in the following ways:

  • By teaching and mentoring young athletes through the medium of discipline that focuses on training, character development through instruction and self-control.
  • By creating an intense and professional football program that prepares young athletes to be mentally and physically tough. We will teach and motivate athletes to consistently perform their best to the upmost of their ability and potential regardless of competition and game circumstances.
  • By developing and promoting a culture of football that embodies sportsmanship and mentorship that further strengthens the educational and character building qualities of the game.
  • By honoring, publicizing family members, players and coaches that are committed to providing a brand of football that encompasses the beliefs, values of our community and ideas of the Tri-City Gator football program.
  • By demonstrating to our community that the combination of team work and hard work are the essential qualities of being successful in life and that these intangibles are used to teach young athletes how to handle pressure and overcome adversity in life through football.


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  • The Tri-City Gator is committed to instructing safe and effective football fundamentals that youth football players can take and use for their success at the high school level and beyond. Our goal is to build healthy habits that will guide our youth towards academic excellence, a good attitude, work ethic and a love for the game of football. Our philosophy includes hard work, dedication, commitment and fun for players, coaches and our Gator families alike.
  • Our objective is teaching Gator football, players will be disciplined in the art of American football; we emphasize position form first then technique, afterwards comes formations and plays.
  • Our philosophies(s) and objective(s) do not focus on winning, however, we do believe effort and attitude drive the competitive spirit and the two-combined lead to excellent outcomes, regardless of winning or losing on the score board.

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